Built-in Spa
Built-in spas and hot tubs, with beautiful spillovers into an in ground pool, offer a relaxing element to your already enjoyable pool.  The calming effect of combining jets and hot water will certainly create a welcoming atmosphere at the end of a long day.  A built-in spa or hot tub compliments a pool beautifully and is a highly recommended feature from Pool Pros Plus.

Here are examples of spas Pool Pros Plus have built.  We are also happy to accomodate any of your new ideas for built-in hot tubs.  

Image of a pool wth a slide and a stone covered built-in hot tub
Pool and built-in hot tub with spillover into pool
Image of hot tub connected to pool with 2 side spillover
Pool with built-in hot tub and stools
Image of pool and built-in spa with waterfall spillover
Image of spa/hot tub with blue tile work and different size steps and ledges
Pool with built-in stone sided spa with spillover

Introducing an Unrivaled Concept in Concrete Spa Technology- JET PACKS!

For decades, therapeutic jet options for concrete (Gunite) spa owners have been basic and seating comfort has been limited.  Now because of Paramount JetPaks, Gunite hot tub owners no longer have to settle.  The removable jetted seat backs are created by Paramount to deliver different therapy and comfort settings. Using a screwdriver JetPaks are easily interchangeable, delivering advanced spa fittings that were only available in portable hot tubs until recently.  Built-in spas now offer more of the luxuries of portable hot tubs, making a built-in a great addition to your pool project.

Image of different jet panel options for the walls of a custom hot tub

Paramount JetPaks Benefits Include:

  • Hydro-Therapy/Massage
  • Incredible Comfort
  • Upgradeability - Latest and Greatest
  • Strong and Powerful
  • Interchangeable and easy to install - maximum versatility


Oscillator Jetpak imageOSCILLATOR JETPAK
The original JetPak is known as the Oscillator, which includes Vera'ssage jets oscillating in an up-and-down motion that delivers the sensation of four hands practicing a deep-tissue massage.

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Image of Clusterspray JetpakCLUSTERSPRAY JETPAK
The ClusterSpray is a JetPak that is ideal for any seat in any spa design.  It features an arrangement of jets that deliver a powerful but softer massage that soothes the entire back.

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Spinal'ssage Jetpak imageSPINAL'SSAGE JETPAK

The Spinal'ssage is designed around the health of the spinal region.  The intensity can be changed with adjustable jets, offering targeted therapy to the delicate muscles and surrounding tissue of the spine.

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Image of Paramount Jetpaks available colors

Airport System by Paramount Pool and Spa Systems

Image of Paramount's Airport system and air intake lineWith ease of installation, the Paramount Pool & Spa Systems’ Air-Port, significantly improves the efficiency of the hot tub air intake line.  This provides clients with a quieter spa experience by reducing the noise - to practically an inaudible whisper - that is created by air intake in the spa deck.  The need to run extended air intake lines is eliminated by the Air-Port, correspondingly eliminating the problems resulting from flooded lines.  Air-Port comes complete with a muffler that allows the air intake to operate quietly right next to the spa.

Features and Benefits:Paramount's Airport system comes in three different colors to blend with a deck

  • Optimizes the delivery of air into the spa air loop
  • Reduces the noise from air intakes so it can be installed right next to the spa
  • Eliminates the need to run an air intake pipe which could eliminate the need for a costly blower
  • Great for raised spas
  • Easy to install
  • Available in three colors, blendable with any deck
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